Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eclipse Indigo Party in Toulouse today!

I'm quite late for this to be an announcement, so let's just say it's a reminder :). Today in Toulouse, France we will celebrate Indigo's release with a full afternoon (and evening) of presentations about Eclipse at large, organized by our local free software group (Toulibre) and JUG (ToulouseJUG).

There will be talks (in French) of various length on diverse topics including Clojure + RCP, JGit/EGit, MDT Papyrus, EEF/Acceleo, Tycho, XText and more. I will myself be talking about the e4 Project.

It's free to attend, so if you have no plans for this afternoon, don't hesitate to come! And this is the Eclipse Indigo Party so there will be drinks around 8pm.

Have a look at the program.

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