Sunday, August 1, 2010

This blog's recipe


  • OSGi and modular JVM software
  • Eclipse E4 and the Eclipse 4 Application Platform
  • The marvelous world of build tools (Maven, SBT, ...)
  • Functional programming languages in general and Scala in particular
  • Web technologies such as XMPP, HTML5, Semantic Web, etc

Main course

  • Software architecture, design patterns, component-based design...
  • Distributed source control and distributed development, community development
  • Computer science applied to software engineering


  • Free Software advocacy, rants and musings
  • Random technological or pseudo philosophical talk

I hope you enjoy your meal here.

Update: Woops. I did not expect this particular post to end up on Planet Eclipse. I guess I should start with, "Hello, world. I play with Eclipse E4 and I'll be posting more soon. Stay tuned".

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